Berlin; It’s You I Like – Mister Rogers

A new cover of Mister Rogers’ “It’s You I Like” with compiled clips of charming little memories in Berlin.

I will

Here’s a new video I put together for a song I covered. Dedicated to Danny.
I Will by The Beatles.

The Elevator Ride

Elevator Ride Process Book

{take a look at the process book above to see how the elevator ride was created.}

i’m sick but i luv u

i’ve been bedridden for nearly the entire weekend and felt like I needed to do something productive. i’m trying to experiment with my voice/music. i don’t know if i’m on to something anymore, but at least i tried. i’ll keep searching. a big shout out to my birdy bird, danny, for the akai professional lpk25 (and much more)! it’s a laptop keyboard and has been a big help when i am itching to play some music. once i become more versed in ableton, hopefully i’ll be able to make some good music and optimally utilize this keyboard … as well as become a world-renowned dj. unce unce unce unce unce.

I think I’m on to something

just maybe


There are many takes during the process of recording a song. I edited all of the clips down to the quiet moments where there are no words being spoken or sung. You’re hearing my shortened cover of Nancy Sinatra’s Bang Bang.

if you’re sad then its time you spoke up too

The Voice
He triggered his arm back and immediately began stabbing his victims eyes. If you were there, you would be able to hear his flesh being torn open, one puncture at a time; the sound was very similar to the morning Billy savagely ripped through all his Christmas presents at the prime age of six, yes, kind of like ripping paper. Being stabbed 60 times isn’t an accident. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you cry.” The other man is now dead. “Happy Holidays!” he eagerly shouted..except nobody heard. This was the voice and you’ll meet him later.